Gray & Gold

So I’m still not sleep yet, and since twitter and writing this post I started working on is starting to lose my intrest…I started doing what I love to do…and thatwas blog surf. Somewhere between reading and facebook I came across the site Polyvore. I’ve seen on other blogs and on Tumblr these little “What I Would Buy If I Was Rich” pictures…and I’ve always wanted to do one…but had no idea where I could. So yes I was GEEKED when I came across the site (LAME-O ME). You can choose clothes, shoes, jewelery and even accessories by style, color and price. So instead of picking a bunch of overpriced clothes….I only selected things that were UNDER $50 dollars cause even when I’m not spending money I’m still #POOR lol! So yeah if you have sometime on your hand…or you just get bored easily like me I would suggest you check this out. I mean it was better than watching PORN at 4:30 in the AM…I wasn’t trying to be about that SIN LIFE this early in the day!


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