How You Living C…I’m Back

Hey Yinz Guys! Yes I have been seriously slacking on my blogging…at least here on my personal blog. A lot of things have happened since my last #HYLC post back in early March. Some bad…like I still have yet to find a regular 9-5 *womp womp*, but a lot of GOOD! Back in March, I wrote briefly about how I was asked by a friend of mine if I would like to join his new and upcoming online magazine that he was just starting up. I was thrilled that he would ask me, he said that he enjoyed my blog here and would be happy if I joined his team.

That really meant a lot to me, to know that someone likes my stuff enough to want me to do the same for them was very flattering. The site is called Brain of BMW, it’s fairly new but it’s starting to get a lot of recognition not only here in Pittsburgh, but also outside of the city. So far I’m just responsible for the music reviews that have been submitted to the site. I have done 4 reviews, and each time I like to think that I get a little better at it! So when you get the chance you should check out the site HERE and also follow us at @BrainofBMW on twitter.

Let’s see, what other exciting things have/or will be happening….OH! I went to my 2nd Big K.R.I.T. concert last week on Monday which also included The 58’s who opened for him. The 58’s just dropped their newest mix tape last month and I can’t say enough dope shit about them. They are also one of the many talented rap artist that or coming out of my city, the City of Pittsburgh. I suggest you do your ears a great favor and download their newest mix tape HERE…you can thank me later! Also make sure you follow them on twitter as well!

Also I shall be in Philly soon to celebrate with my sister and the rest of my Temple University family graduation this month. I’m super excited and I shall take LOTS of pictures to share with yinz guys.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for sticking it out with me even though I was slacking with my posting. This summer there’s going to be so much to talk about…I will literally have to make time to blog. So yeah!

Thanks for checking in!


Author: Courtney Lynn

Hello, my name is Courtney...but I prefer to go by my first and middle name Courtney real reason. Most people call me Courtney. I'm 30'ish and currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA. I have had many blogs, but I started THIS blog as a way to talk about myself and my DAILY routine....which as of lately has consit of me trying to do whatever it is that makes me happy! So yeah, I hope this blog brings some type of entertainment to whoever decides to read it.

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