HTF Did This Happen…

***WARNING! This is a RANT, it is not to be taking seriously. Please do not hold your breath, the author of this post has no control when the sun is blazing and the liquor is flowing. Also did we mention she’s a SIMP***

I could have sworn I said that I wasn’t going to catch feelings, or get serious with NO MAN until the end of the summer. Yet I found myself belly aching over not ONE but TWO dudes before the temperature even hit 70. I swear I need to start putting reminders on my mirror “NO…he can’t call you at 2 in the am” and “No…don’t answer his damn email”. And all of this regret and auguring thru Facebook could have been avoided.

So instead of me starting my spring on the right foot, I find myself once again, pouring my heart out on my blog. HOW THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPENED? And to make matters worse…I could really use it in the worse way right now…*sigh*. But I’m swearing off sex for a little while. Seems like that’s the only thing everyone is after now anyway. This task shall be tested when I hit Philly next week…cause my own little version of Kid Cudi is there and Lord knows my weakness for him lol.


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