30 Day Challenge…Question #1: 5 Ways To Win Your Heart

1.) Lover of Music: Music is such a huge part of my life, that I would want someone who loves all types of music as much as I do!

2.) Confidence: Confidence goes such a long way, nothing like a man who knows who he is and is happy with it.

3.) Style: Now this is the funny part, I am such a “Plain Jane” but I’ve always loved a guy who had some sense of style and he MUST keep his sneakers clean.

4.) Nice/Great Attitude: You’ll be surprised how many people are just MEAN…for no damn reason.

5.) Affectionate: I love to hold hands and hug, so he has to as well lol

Extra Point: Cause 5 wasn’t enough…but he must be able to teach me and be willing to grow we me because I can be a little stubborn sometimes.


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