30 Day Challenge…Question #3 and #4

#3: A Book You Love

There are actually 3 books that I absolutely love, but if I have to choose one it would be “The Skin I’m In” by Sharon G. Flake. My mom bought me this book I believe in 7th or 8th grade. The main character is Maleeka, and she is everything I was at 13…skinny, tall, awkward and dark-skinned. It just deals with her everyday life at school and how she ends up loving and standing up for herself despite what others may have thought of her. Basically my life story, also the author Sharon G. Flake lives right here in Pittsburgh. I haven’t read the book in quite some time but it’s an easy read, with a great positive message about loving yourself.

#4: Bullet Your Whole Day

  • Woke up to my Uncle calling me at 7:30am, then went back to sleep
  • Woke back up at 9 something I believe, played on twitter, went back to sleep
  • Woke up…again, played around on twitter
  • Answered texts that I missed while sleeping
  • Took a shower
  • Made a sandwich
  • Played on twitter some more
  • Talked to my little sister before she went to work
  • Now I’m jamming to The 58’s, blogging and then in an hour or so I will begin my music review for Brain of BMW, my goal is to have it done by Wednesday.

Author: Courtney Lynn

Hello, my name is Courtney...but I prefer to go by my first and middle name Courtney Lynn...why...no real reason. Most people call me Courtney. I'm 30'ish and currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA. I have had many blogs, but I started THIS blog as a way to talk about myself and my DAILY routine....which as of lately has consit of me trying to do whatever it is that makes me happy! So yeah, I hope this blog brings some type of entertainment to whoever decides to read it.

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