30 Day Challenge…Question #5 and #6 (Updated 8/24/2011)


#5: Things You Want To Say To An Ex


*EDIT 8/24/2011*

Dear Nate,

I love you dearly, and I know you still have love for as well. We’re a train wreck tho…don’t you get tired of the constant bickering and fighting? I know I do! I just wish things could be better between us, you know I would love nothing more then to carry your last name and be with just you for the rest of my life…but at the same time I’m slowly killing myself worrying about if you feel the same. You are the only man that has been a constant in my adult life, but unfortunately that hasn’t always been a good thing, and as of lately the lows have been out weighing the bad. I miss the old us…the us that actually liked each other…before the love and other people got in the way! I wish we could go back to watching movies and eating pizza…I wish we could go back to sharing bacon cheddar fries with each other…I wish we could go back to comic book store visits and you licking me on my face. I miss that…I miss my friend…I miss you!

#6:Your Views on Mainstream Music

I couldn’t even tell you what new songs are even out right now…unless its local music. Since the begging of the year I have stopped listening to the radio and just been jammin to local artist from right here in Pittsburgh. Yes I know Wiz & Mac are quickly becoming mainstream artist…but I still consider them local kats lol!


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