What Up…What Up!!!


****Disclaimer, I’m blogging from my iPhone while at work, so excuse the choppiness of this post****

I feels like I haven’t blogged in FOR-EV-VER…and well simply that’s because I haven’t! Mainly because my time is split between school and work…so when I have some free time I refuse to spend it in front of another computer screen. So I’m either sleep or out with friends drinking, dancing and being loud. Also as of recently I’ve been dating…A LOT…like a lot a lot(lol)!

But I felt like it was time to get back to blogging, so since I’m at work not doing a damn thing, I figured this was as good a time as any to do so. I planned on setting some time aside this past weekend to do so…but my friends had other ideas…so did the GIN.

So much has happened since the last blog post; I finished summer semester at school, and I’m now very close to finishing up this fall semester. School has been a real test this semester with me working full-time but I hope it works itself out in the end. Currently I’ve been working what little ass I have off at work. Putting in close to anywhere between 90-100 hours at work and I have to if I want to live happily and make my car note on time. YEAH THAT’S RIGHT…I FINALLY GOT A CAR…A JEEP LIBERTY TO BE EXACT!!! Lol!

I’m so damn thankful for my car, it’s used…but it still looks clean. I did put a big dent in the back a few weeks back when I backed into a light pole…but I hope to get it fixed before the year is up! I honestly don’t know how I got along without my jeep for real! I named her Cocaína lol…she’s all white…duh!

So let’s see, what else is there to share with yinz guys…OH YEAH, my love life! One thing I can say that it is no longer “non-existent”. Now I don’t have a boyfriend but I do have potentials, and that’s more I then I could have said at the beginning of this year. Honestly with this year coming close to an end it def feels like everything is starting to come full circle or starting to work themselves out!

For the sake of not making this post long and boring I think I’m a end it right here. Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything…but yinz know how I be lol!

I’ll Be Back!


Author: Courtney Lynn

Hello, my name is Courtney...but I prefer to go by my first and middle name Courtney Lynn...why...no real reason. Most people call me Courtney. I'm 30'ish and currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA. I have had many blogs, but I started THIS blog as a way to talk about myself and my DAILY routine....which as of lately has consit of me trying to do whatever it is that makes me happy! So yeah, I hope this blog brings some type of entertainment to whoever decides to read it.

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