Me and my sister last Thanksgiving




This year Thanksgiving was especially small. My mom and I decided not to have our own dinner since my sister couldn’t make it home, and most family opted out of coming home for Thanksgiving as well.

So I spent most of the day working an early shift, then came straight over to my aunt’s house to eat and spend time with her, my mom and my great aunts and cousin…all of them women. And as I was sitting there I realized that we may not have much…but we all have each other. I was with the cornerstones of my family. Each and every woman at the table had a hand in raising me and shaping me into the woman I am today. For the most part, all of us are in good health as well.

So even though it was small, and I only had one plate…it was still a day full of laughter and love, and that’s more than enough to be thankful for.

I hope all my readers has a great holiday…PEACE!




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