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Hey Yinz Guys, and Happy New Year, can you believe it we FINALLY made it to 2017. And if your 2016 was anything like mine, this is definitely a welcome change. I have so much planned for this year when it comes to my blogging and writing. But before I can get into that I have a few beauty reviews I have to get up on the blog. So 1st up is my evian® post.


So let’s start off by me saying this is by far my FAVORITE review yet. Because this just so  happens to be a product that I ABSOLUTELY love and have purchased on my own in the past. Today on behalf of BrandBacker I will be reviewing evian® Facial Spray. I was sent this product for free to tryout and review as well as help promote their newest campaign for #AnytimeSpa.


Around this time of year I like to take as much time as possible to do some self care. Rather that be doing some meditation, sleeping in late or taking a nice LUSH Bath Bomb bath I try to take some time to myself before and after I indulged in all the family time that comes with the holidays/end of the year. I also find myself running around a lot more, rather it be meeting end of the year/start of the new year deadlines at work or rushing around trying buy last minute Christmas gifts or attending all the parties which sometimes means I wearing my makeup for 8+ hours on some days. So rather it’s me trying to catch up on some much needed me time or gift shopping, one thing I wish I could do is get a nice facial at a spa somewhere lol. But being that that’s unrealistic due to time and money, I have the 2nd best thing. For me that is evian® Facial Spray.

I like to use evian® Facial Spray multiple ways. After doing a DYI spa day at home I like to finish off my fresh clean face with a spray of evian® Facial spray which can also be used as an toner. And when I running around, like when I have to go straight from work to an event, I like to freshen up my makeup with a few sprays and my face looks glowy and radiant again. Also when I’m doing doing my makeup I like to use evian® Facial Spray to finish up my look. Its also a nice refresher after my Hot Yoga classes as well. For me evian® Facial Spray is really an #AnytimeSpa due to the fact that it’s compact  and can be carried in your purse. It also comes in a few different sizes, but the size I was sent to try out was the 5 fl.oz can. That I have been carrying around with me with no problem.

To show you how EASY it is to have your own #AnyTimeSpa I made some cute little GIF’s to share with yinz guys…CUTE RIGHT? LOL!

Step 1: I like to pat down my T-Zone area to get rid of my shine brought on by my oily skin.



Step 2: Spray evian® all over your face.


Step 3: Now that you look refreshed and well rested…bask in your beauty!


YUP…it’s that simple to get that “Just back from the spa” glow with evian® Mineral Water Facial Spray.

Now after seeing how  easy touse and hearing how versatile this product is I bet you want to TRY IT OUT for yourself right? Well if you do or plan on doing so in the near future I would love to hear your thoughts, so comment below and let me know what your #AnyTimeSpa experience. Again this is a product that I have purchased plenty of times in the past, and just haven’t purchased in awhile because the only places I could find it (Sephora and Urban Outfitters) I just haven’t visited in awhile. So I was excited that I was choose to participate in evian® Facial Spray #AnytimeSpa campaign. And I will make sure to repurchase this product FOR SURE when I run out, because I forget how much I really loved this spray.

Again I want to thank BrandBacker and evian® Facial Spray for this great opportunity to share with my readers and the chance to review one of my favorite beauty products.

Also to my  readers I want to wish you a “Happy New Year” and say “Thank You” for continuing to rock with me into 2017. Peace Yinz Guys


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