Feel Good Friday’s: You Are More Than Your Short Comings

***Good Morning Yinz Guys! This past Monday I introduced one of the many new series I want to bring to this hear blog called “Mental Health Monday” if you haven’t read it yet you can read it here. The second series I want to introduce is what I call “Feel Good Friday’s” where I will share post that are motivational. It may be something I’ve written up myself or a quote I found. Either way, I want to use Friday’s as a way to send good vibes to Yinz Guys so we can start the weekend on a good note. I hope you enjoy.***

You are more than your shortcomings and downfalls. You are more than the negative things people have to say about you and your mistakes. You are more than Your diagnoses and your illness. You are more than your past and who you use to be. You are more than that job you hate, and you are more than the lack of money you have. You are more than your degrees or lack of degrees. You are more than your relationship status and you are more than who you have dated. Continue reading “Feel Good Friday’s: You Are More Than Your Short Comings”



Hey Yinz Guys & Happy Friday…and if you’re one of the lucky ones Happy Pay Day too! And YESSSS I am MAD late posting this…but today was the start of my 4 day weekend and I totally got up really late and forgot to schedule this post. So anywho…I’m coming to you with my 2nd week of #FridayFavorites where I plug some of my favorite things from the week. I kept to 7 items this time lol, but I hope you still enjoy this post. So here we go…


Reading Material:

  • CRWN Magazine ~ A couple days ago I finally got my hand on CRWN Magazine Volume 01/Issue 01 with natural hair YouTube guru Naptural85(Whitney White) on the cover. And I am already in LOOOOVE with this magazine. I haven’t been able to actually sit down and get all into it, but the photos alone have already captured my heart. I can’t wait for the second issue.




Fashion Items:

  • H&M Poncho ~ I picked up this awesome poncho from Buffalo Exchange on the South Side back in February. Because Pittsburgh weather is unpredictable this piece is great for layering under both my heavy and lite jacket as well as wearing alone with it’s not super cold but not that hot either.
  • Easy Spirit Shoes ~ These shoes are great for my arthritic feet lol…you read all about them in a previous post I wrote here.




Hair Accessories:

  • Snappee Hair Ties ~ These hair ties make it extremely easy to put hair up in a high puff. I also haven’t had any issues with them pulling on my edges as well like I have experienced with other hair ties and scrunchies.





  • Aboni Cosmetics ~ The 1st time I came across this brand it was when it was shared on a beauty blogger I follow on IG page. She was wearing the color Frenchie and I just had to have it. I also purchased Kiss & Tell and Daydream as well. I can’t wait to try out all 3 of these colors. And when I do I’ll make sure to post them on my IG.





  • Humble by Kendrick Lamar ~ Does this really need an explanation?





  • Hey, Girl by Alex Elle ~ I am such a fan of Alex Elle, from when she used to create and sell her own jewelry to now a 3-time author to self-care expert and now Podcaster. I like to listen to her podcast Hey Girl when I’m taking pictures or writing for my blog because it’s just really calming and uplifting. I have been getting back into listening to podcast regularly again, and this is up there with my top 3 favorites.

Well, that’s it for this week. I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s favorites. I’ll return next week with a new list of things I’m favoring for that week, so make sure you check back in. You can also check out my favorites from last week here. Also in the comment section below, I would love to hear about your #FridayFavorites too. And like always, thank you so much for checking out my blog. I hope you have an awesome weekend.

Peace Yinz Guys


I Got You Stuck Off The Realness…

If you’re one of my neighbors and you also happen to be a reader “I’m Sorry” that you have had to hear this song full blast for like over a month now. If you follow me on twitter you would know that I am a huge supporter…fan…whatever you want to call it of  Pittsburghs own The 58’s, and that I’m alway quoting lyrics from their self-titled mixtape that was released a few months ago. I’ve also mentioned them quite a few times on here as well.

They continue to feed my horrible habit of listening to things at an extreme volume by releasing the visuals for one of my favorite tracks on the mixtape, B.White “The Realness”. So I just thought I would share with my readers who may not be familiar with the group which is made of 6 dope MC’s on their own…I really can’t say enough dope things about them.  HOPE YOU ENJOY!

And if you like what you’re seeing you can download the mixtape HERE

I’m An iPhonegrapher…

Since I got my iPhone back in March I have been using it as my everyday camera instaed of the new one I just bought last year lol. With all the great photo apps that the app store has to offer, I don’t plan on going back to my regular camera unless its like an important event. So I just thought I would post some of my most rescent photos I have on my iPhone. My top 2 favorite photo apps are Intagram and Diptic. I guess you can call me an iPhonegrapher now lol…Enjoy!





Feel Good Music…

Since I’ve found out about Pittsburgh rapper MyKoolB , I’ve been on the hunt for more of his music. His song “Wuddup” is so far my FAVORITE, it’s one of those feel good songs. And even though it last a little over 2 mins, it still gives you that “I’m A Make It” unstoppable feeling. And who wouldn’t want to start their morning off feeling “UNFUCKWITABLE” lol!

Also you can go HERE for his latest mixtape “I Can’t Hold It In”

SideNote: Video is directed by Brandon Dull who also hails from Pittsburgh!!!