Feel Good Friday’s: You Are More Than Your Short Comings

***Good Morning Yinz Guys! This past Monday I introduced one of the many new series I want to bring to this hear blog called “Mental Health Monday” if you haven’t read it yet you can read it here. The second series I want to introduce is what I call “Feel Good Friday’s” where I will share post that are motivational. It may be something I’ve written up myself or a quote I found. Either way, I want to use Friday’s as a way to send good vibes to Yinz Guys so we can start the weekend on a good note. I hope you enjoy.***

You are more than your shortcomings and downfalls. You are more than the negative things people have to say about you and your mistakes. You are more than Your diagnoses and your illness. You are more than your past and who you use to be. You are more than that job you hate, and you are more than the lack of money you have. You are more than your degrees or lack of degrees. You are more than your relationship status and you are more than who you have dated. Continue reading “Feel Good Friday’s: You Are More Than Your Short Comings”


Intro To Hashtag Mondays/#MotivationalMondays…

Good Afternoon Yinz Guys & Happy Monday. Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to think of different post ideas that I could bring to my blog. One of my blogging goals for 2017 is to come up with a regular posting schedule, so I was thinking Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as my main posting days. But I also wanted to have different themed posts as well. That’s when “Hashtag Mondays” popped up in my head, literally I was showering yesterday and the idea of having a hashtagged themed monday dealing with things like Makeup, Motivation and Music. So as I was coming up with what my first post would be on, I was watching The Golden Globes and I got to see Donald Glover accept his Golden Globe award for his hit series ATLANTA under the category of Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy.

Photo Credits: Golden Globes

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My Recent Colourpop Haul…

2016-07-24 11.41.41

So two weeks ago I went against my “No New Makeup” pact I had with myself and purchased 3 new shades from one of my favorite lip brands, which is Colourpop. This time around I got the colors Trap, Chilly Chili and my NOW, new all time favorite color Limbo. This is my third purchase from them and I am very very pleased with the lipsticks from this order.

lip pic
Top-Bottom: Trap, Limbo, Chilly Chili

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Perpetual Heartbreak…


I feel like I’m living in a constant state of perpetual heartbreak. When it comes to making sure my relationships work/last…it’s obvious that I’m missing something. I know the blame doesn’t completely fall just on me, but I’m also not sure what it is that I need to fix. Continue reading “Perpetual Heartbreak…”

I Am Not For Everyone…


And guess what…that’s ok. I spent a lot of my life trying to make sure people liked me. I mean I have always been naturally caring and nice to people because even as a little girl I strongly believed in treating people the way I wanted to be treated. But there have been a few times that I have gone above and beyond to make people like me. And now as I’ve grown and continue to grow older I look back at these moments and think “FOR WHY” lol.

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Thoughtful Thursday…

2016-03-23 23.18.11

So if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this already…but I just thought I would share it here for my first #ThoughtfulThursday post. One of my hopes for my blog is to share some of my favorite quotes every Tuesday and Thursday. Why Tuesday and Thursday…well for one they both start with a T and both flow nicely with the word Thoughtful lol. But also because Tuesday is the day after the beginning of the week and Thursday is the day before the ending of  the week so I figured we..I could use the inspiration. Also it gives me a reason to use my OVER app on my iPhone a lot more lol.

I hope you enjoy, and remember “BE YOUR OWN INSPIRATION”.

Courtney Lynn



                                                                            Me and my sister last Thanksgiving




This year Thanksgiving was especially small. My mom and I decided not to have our own dinner since my sister couldn’t make it home, and most family opted out of coming home for Thanksgiving as well.

So I spent most of the day working an early shift, then came straight over to my aunt’s house to eat and spend time with her, my mom and my great aunts and cousin…all of them women. And as I was sitting there I realized that we may not have much…but we all have each other. I was with the cornerstones of my family. Each and every woman at the table had a hand in raising me and shaping me into the woman I am today. For the most part, all of us are in good health as well.

So even though it was small, and I only had one plate…it was still a day full of laughter and love, and that’s more than enough to be thankful for.

I hope all my readers has a great holiday…PEACE!



Being Ok With Being Alone…

  One thing I have learned to love and appreciate more then anything is my alone time. Now I wasn’t always this secure with being by myself, rather it was without being in a relationship or without friends when I was younger I hated the idea of being alone. I use to always surround myself with some type of company, the only downside to that is that when just allowing anyone in your space you tend to allow more negative people who are always looking for opportunities to take advantages of lonely people such as my younger self, then people who genuinely want to be there for you.  Continue reading “Being Ok With Being Alone…”

2015, So Far So Good…

2015…what can I say? Only half way through the year and I feel like I have been through a lifetime of positive events. Learning to let go and let live, to ignore your enemies and to see the greatness in not only others, but also the greatness that is myself. Continue reading “2015, So Far So Good…”

We Matter…


I don’t have much to say…but I will say this…it begins at home. It begins in our own cities…on our streets! We have to remember not only this but we also have to remember who we are as a people. How great we are, how strong we are, and most importantly how smart we are. Yes we have come a long way…but not far enough. I was fortunate enough to learn my history at a young age from my parents and grandparents. I was lucky enough to grow up in just about every black community in the City of Pittsburgh, so I know what we can do when we come together as a community. I also unfortunately know what can happen when we stop caring about what’s going on in our communities and only focus on self. If you want to see change, you must first seek change within yourself. You must first be the change you seek.

I stand for #JordanMiles, #LeonFordJR just as much as I stand for #TrayvonMartin, #MikeBrown and now most recently #TamirRice.
#BlackLivesMatter #WeAllMatter