I’m Good Enough…

 I have this horrible habit of thinking “I’m not good enough”, when I know better. When it comes to writing and expressing how I feel…I know no one can do it better than me. I’ve been having some very insightful text conversations with boy CJ from #NT about what it is that I want to do! Now that I’m unemployed I have a HUGE amount of time to try and figure out what my next move is.

I’ve been telling him that I want to write, I want to get back into journalism/communications which is what I originally went to school for in the first place. Last night during our conversation I was telling him that I was thinking about maybe submitting an article…but that I was hesitant. I started going into how I miss writing and singing (yes I can sing)…but I’ve lost the desire, that I lack a reason to. So when I told him that I was still on the fence about writing the article he responded “Give Me One Reason Why You Shouldn’t? Challenge Yourself!” Continue reading “I’m Good Enough…”


Who Is Courtney Lynn…

  • I’m 25 soon to be 26 as of February 13.
  • I currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA with my mother.
  • I am unemployed since December of last year.
  • Single.
  • Lover of all music.
  • Proud owner of the BEST cat in the world named Virginia.
  • Big sister to Candace who is 23 and soon to be a teacher.
  • I’m a true Pittsburgh’er.
  • I love shopping and everything Forever21…JUDGE ME NOT.
  • I have 4 tattoos, one being of Harley Quinn (if you don’t know who she is GOOGLE her).
  • I had a septum piercing, took it out cause of emergency surgery…but not due to the piercing…plan to get it redone soon.
  • And I’ve never been to NYC…but Philly is my 2nd home.
  • I also have a Tumblr and a Twitter…Follow Me!