30 Day Challenge…Question #7: 5 Pet Peeves

  1. People who are always correcting on twitter (>_<) I know you’re just watching out for me…I just hate being corrected lol
  2. Links that don’t work
  3. My mother constantly asking me questions and voicing her opinion when no one asked her
  4. Mean people
  5. Pittsburgh lack of unity
These are my current top 5 pet peeves as of this week, cause really I have like a 100 of them :-/

30 Day Challenge…Question #5 and #6 (Updated 8/24/2011)


#5: Things You Want To Say To An Ex


*EDIT 8/24/2011*

Dear Nate,

I love you dearly, and I know you still have love for as well. We’re a train wreck tho…don’t you get tired of the constant bickering and fighting? I know I do! I just wish things could be better between us, you know I would love nothing more then to carry your last name and be with just you for the rest of my life…but at the same time I’m slowly killing myself worrying about if you feel the same. You are the only man that has been a constant in my adult life, but unfortunately that hasn’t always been a good thing, and as of lately the lows have been out weighing the bad. I miss the old us…the us that actually liked each other…before the love and other people got in the way! I wish we could go back to watching movies and eating pizza…I wish we could go back to sharing bacon cheddar fries with each other…I wish we could go back to comic book store visits and you licking me on my face. I miss that…I miss my friend…I miss you!

#6:Your Views on Mainstream Music

I couldn’t even tell you what new songs are even out right now…unless its local music. Since the begging of the year I have stopped listening to the radio and just been jammin to local artist from right here in Pittsburgh. Yes I know Wiz & Mac are quickly becoming mainstream artist…but I still consider them local kats lol!

30 Day Challenge…Question #3 and #4

#3: A Book You Love

There are actually 3 books that I absolutely love, but if I have to choose one it would be “The Skin I’m In” by Sharon G. Flake. My mom bought me this book I believe in 7th or 8th grade. The main character is Maleeka, and she is everything I was at 13…skinny, tall, awkward and dark-skinned. It just deals with her everyday life at school and how she ends up loving and standing up for herself despite what others may have thought of her. Basically my life story, also the author Sharon G. Flake lives right here in Pittsburgh. I haven’t read the book in quite some time but it’s an easy read, with a great positive message about loving yourself.

#4: Bullet Your Whole Day

  • Woke up to my Uncle calling me at 7:30am, then went back to sleep
  • Woke back up at 9 something I believe, played on twitter, went back to sleep
  • Woke up…again, played around on twitter
  • Answered texts that I missed while sleeping
  • Took a shower
  • Made a sandwich
  • Played on twitter some more
  • Talked to my little sister before she went to work
  • Now I’m jamming to The 58’s, blogging and then in an hour or so I will begin my music review for Brain of BMW, my goal is to have it done by Wednesday.

30 Day Challenge…Question #2: Something You Feel Strongly About

The answer to this is super easy…Love!

Even after ALL of the messy breakups, let downs and cheating I have been through I’ve never given up on the idea of finding true love.  There’s really nothing else I can say…just that I’m in love with LOVE and I still strongly that my day will come!

30 Day Challenge…Question #1: 5 Ways To Win Your Heart

1.) Lover of Music: Music is such a huge part of my life, that I would want someone who loves all types of music as much as I do!

2.) Confidence: Confidence goes such a long way, nothing like a man who knows who he is and is happy with it.

3.) Style: Now this is the funny part, I am such a “Plain Jane” but I’ve always loved a guy who had some sense of style and he MUST keep his sneakers clean.

4.) Nice/Great Attitude: You’ll be surprised how many people are just MEAN…for no damn reason.

5.) Affectionate: I love to hold hands and hug, so he has to as well lol

Extra Point: Cause 5 wasn’t enough…but he must be able to teach me and be willing to grow we me because I can be a little stubborn sometimes.

30 Day Challenge…

Hey Yinz Guys,

I’ve been super busy this past week which is why I have been M.I.A. So now that Memorial Day weekend is over I finally have some time to sit and do a little blogging. There’s still tons of stuff that I wanted to share on here with yinz guys, but I’m a break them down and put each one in there own post.

But anyway…I found a fun 30 Day Challenge that one of my favorite blogger Raaachem.com is doing, so I figured it would be something fun to do for the month of June since there are exactly 30 days in the month. Also it will be a great way to keep me on track to do at least one post a day. So let’s see how long it takes before I miss a day lol!