Me-Time With Neutrogena Rainbath Shower And Bath Gel…

Since moving to Philadelphia in July, I feel like I’ve been stuck in a constant state of motion. If I’m not working OT at work, I’m going to multiple doctors appointments, running around the city with my new roommate aka my sister, chasing my cat out the kitchen, off the table and out of my plants, or I’m going across town to spend time with my boyfriend. Either way, I’m doing something or going somewhere, so much so it seems like the only time I’m at a standstill is when I’m in the bathroom. That’s why for me shower time is dedicated “Me-Time”. A time when I don’t have to worry about answering emails, phone calls or meows from my greedy spoiled cat…Cat Mom Life! Continue reading “Me-Time With Neutrogena Rainbath Shower And Bath Gel…”


No New Makeup November…

Hey Yinz Guys & Happy Friday! We made it through yet another week, and can you believe it’s already November? Like I swear January was just last week. So with this new month comes new routines and new goals, and also time to start saving and shopping for Christmas next month. My sister also celebrates her 30th birthday this month and I will be traveling to see her in Philly so I need to save all my coins and monies for all the upcoming spending I will be doing this month and next. Continue reading “No New Makeup November…”

LUSH Cosmetics “Dark Angels” Face & Body Cleanser…..

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LUSH Cosmetics “Dark Angels” Cleanser

Lush Cosmetics “Dark Angels” face and body cleanser has been nothing less than a miracle for me! This black sugar, charcoal and rhassoul mud based cleanser is primarily one of the reasons my face has cleared up so so SOOOO much! Anything with charcoal is great for oily skin girls such as myself, the charcoal sucks up any lose oils but it also cleans and detoxifies the skin without leaving it high and dry. Not only does the Dark Angles cleanser help with excess oil but it also exfoliates and brightens up your complexion as well. This is a MUST HAVE for me. This is a step I can’t afford to skip when it come to cleansing my face at night. I’m thinking about doing a whole post about my whole nightly cleansing routine. Or if you’re interested in me doing an whole review for all the products I use to clean my face, please let me know. Currently I am using only LUSH products…I mean what else would I be using. But if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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My Face’s Life Savior!!!


Cupcake Darling…


***Don’t Be Alarmed…It Is Only My Face***

Good Morning Yinz Guy,
Just thought I would do a quick post here on the blog, more like a repost cause I just posted this to my Instagram lol.

Early morning pampering session with my Lush Cosmetics “Fresh Face Mask” in Cupcake. Not only does it smell BOMB it does wonders for my oily face. I picked this up from the Lush store at Ross Park Mall. My lovely friend Dana who also works there suggested it for me! Love Her!

FYI: I leave it on a lil longer then suggested!

Maybe down the line I’ll do a product review or Lush haul or something. Just an idea!

No Merch(andise) March…

So for March 2013, I’ve decided to start what I call the “No Merch(andise) March”. Basically that means that I won’t be buying any unnecessary things, like clothes, shoes, bags, and makeup. My spending habits so far have been out of hand, so this was a way for me to curve it before my vacation in April. So I’m hoping I don’t give into my shopping addiction…please let the saving gods be with me this month lol!

So what are some ways you save? Let me know in the comment section!

Check back for updates here and on my YouTube channel

Ok Bye Yinz Guys!

YouTube Tuesday…Hair Edition

So I know I have been doing A LOT of bloggig about my hair, and I said that I wasn’t going to bore anyone with hair talk for a while. But this past week I was in Philly visiting with my little sister and she was telling me that she was starting to feel unhappy with her hair. She was saying that she sometimes feels like she’s not as pretty or whatever as a lot of the girls she works with, because most of the girls she works with have long flowing hair weaves. Now if you know my sister, you know that this is just a phase…cause my sister is one of the most beautiful girls I know…and she knows it too. But just like most women, we go through a “I’m Ugly” moment.

Last Thursday my friend @missbrandii tweeted me a YouTube link and then today while I was blog suffering I came across a new blog called Black Girl In Russia, where she discusses going to school abroad and living in Russia while maintaining her natural hair. That’s where I came across a music video by Dead Prez called “The Beauty Within”. So I’m mainly doing this post to cheer up my sister, but it also was a little boost for me too. So I thought I would share it…and maybe it could be a boost for you as well!!!

The video is from

Dead Prez “The Beauty Within” from kinetikcinematix on Vimeo.