Big Chop #2…

Hey Yinz Guys!

So I know its been quite some time since I’ve posted here on the blog, so it may come as a surprise for some of you who don’t follow me on my other social media networks like Twitter, or Instagram that I cut all my dreads off last week. Honestly I’ve wanted to cut my hair since the beginning of the year but fear and everyone advising me not to do so caused me to delay it. I was thinking about cutting it all off for my 30th birthday in February so that way when I went to Puerto Rico to celebrate I could go swimming but I chose not too (Which I kind of regret now).


So what made me do it recently? Nothing really, I was just sitting in class and was playing in my hair and just thought “I’m going to do it today!” So when I got home I made the announcement, and went up stairs and just started cutting.


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My Natural Hair Journey…1 Year Anniversary

From January 2011 to February 2012...a little over one year later

So on January 24, 2012 I reached what I would call a some-what major milestone in my life. I celebrated 1 full year of having “Natural Hair”. Now I know for some that may not be a big deal…but for me it was definitely a reason to celebrate. You see for a long time I believed that only relaxed/straight hair worked for me. Every 2 weeks I was in a chair getting my hair chemically altered to be bone straight. Just the sight of my hairs natural texture could cost me to have a bad day or run and hide. I was also a fan of long straight weaves, you couldn’t tell me nothing on my 25th birthday when I had my long weave in lol!

Then at 25 with long weave & Now at 27 with my own natural hair

So when I decided to do the “Big Chop” January of last year I was extremely worried about how I would be precived…even tho I had put on a front that I didn’t care what people would think…I really did, especially when it came to the opposite sex. I haven’t aways been as confident with my looks as I am now, so doing something as dramatic as cutting off my hair was either going to make or break my whole persona of how I thought looked and who I was. And luckily it was for the better…like way WAY better lol.

My fro in all its glory

YES…I was 26 last year, and I know some of yinz may be thinking “Well damn…at 26 you still weren’t sure about who you were?” and the answer is…yes and no. 2011 was a really rough year for me…being unemployed and somewhat depressed had a lot to do with it…but this is not the post to discuss such things 🙂 so let’s move on…for now!

My First Updo

But now its one year later…my hair has grown like CRAZY and now that I have some length to it I have been trying all types of styles. I’m so proud of myself, so proud that I took a chance and stepped out of my own comfort zone and decided to make a change and try something new.

Rockin' The Fro-Hawk

So I Did It…


I know I’m super late with it…but on Monday January 24, 2011…I finally went and did the BIG CHOP! And man can I say that I’m in love with my hair. I feel like a totally different person now that my hair is gone…which is still takeing some time for me to get use to it! My mom came with me, and to be honest I think she had more of a ruff time with it then I did.

The crazy thing about it is that I feel like I now need a whole new wordrobe…is this normal? Like I feel like my old clothes don’t fit my current look any more. And now that I don’t have any hair to flat iron and curl…I need to find a worth candidate from all my hair appliances(which I love dearly…don’t judge me). So far I’m just co-washing it every couple of days, I still have yet to find a hair product that I absolutely LOVE. And because I really didn’t do any type of transitioning after not having a relaxer in my hair for a month…I still have some(tiny winnie bit) of relaxer left at the tips of my hair. And being that it’s coming on 3 weeks I think I’m an either go and get it trimmed or just cut it here at home.

But yeah…I did it \(^_^)/

Au Naturale…


So I’ve decided that I’m going to finally do it…I’m a finally get off the “Creamy Crack” aka hair relaxers. Now there is no DEEP reason for me doing so, I’m not trying to get back to my roots or discover who I am as a “Black Woman” (cause after going to an all white high school I figured that out pretty quick). I’m doing it for 2 simple reasons.

1.)    It’s cheaper

2.)    I want to try something different

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