Single For A Reason…

I know recently with all this talk about my love life, it may seem like this blog is becoming a relationship blog…or one of those blog where the person is super lonely and all they can blog about is how lonely they are…if so…I’m sorry! Not by any means am I a blogger about relationships, because I belive in doing so I would have to have some kind of idea on what I am talking about…and well when it comes to relationships I don’t.

Also I wouldn’t say that I’m super lonely, more just tired of the dating scene. I don’t know, but for the shake of not sounding like Taylor Swift(same shit…different tune) I’m a try to make this my last “Woo Is Me” relationship post for a while! Keyword folks is TRY!!! Continue reading “Single For A Reason…”


“It’s Him”…

So this weekend is my 26th birthday and instead of going to Philly and spending it with my sister like I planned, I will be staying home to (hopefully) spend it with my ex-boyfriend. Don’t put too much emphasis on the EX part tho. Why? Well because at the end of the day…no matter how I try to front…I still love the guy, and we always end up giving US another shoot!

He’s a U.S. Marine and will be doing his first deployment this month, and this weekend will be the last that I get to see him for 6 months. The thought of him being in a war zone make me cringe. I’m pretty sure I will be having a full on breakdown by Monday…I cried when he had to go away to artillery traing…so I already know when it comes time for him to leave I’m a lose it. Continue reading ““It’s Him”…”