Plato’s Closet Haul: How I Stay Cute On A Budget…

Hey, Yinz Guys and Happy Friday!!! We made it through yet another work week and I can’t wait till the weekend to go and do my favorite thing…and that is shopping. Now currently my shopping budget is a little tight with the holidays coming up and because I missed some days of work due to health issues. So what’s a girl suppose to do when her money is lite and she wants to stay fly but she’s POOR?
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My Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis: My Search for Stylish Shoes…

So some may be shocked to see the words Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Style in the same title, and some may even think Style and RA cannot coexist. And at one point of time, you would have been correct in believing so. Usually the word “Cute” and the word “Comfortable” are on two different sides of the fashion spectrum, especially when it came to shoes. Which is why when I was first diagnosed with RA, I always chose cute over comfy when choosing what shoes to wear. I found it to be a difficult chose, even when it came to both flats and pumps to find something that was fashionable yet still functional for me.

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Gray & Gold

So I’m still not sleep yet, and since twitter and writing this post I started working on is starting to lose my intrest…I started doing what I love to do…and thatwas blog surf. Somewhere between reading and facebook I came across the site Polyvore. I’ve seen on other blogs and on Tumblr these little “What I Would Buy If I Was Rich” pictures…and I’ve always wanted to do one…but had no idea where I could. So yes I was GEEKED when I came across the site (LAME-O ME). You can choose clothes, shoes, jewelery and even accessories by style, color and price. So instead of picking a bunch of overpriced clothes….I only selected things that were UNDER $50 dollars cause even when I’m not spending money I’m still #POOR lol! So yeah if you have sometime on your hand…or you just get bored easily like me I would suggest you check this out. I mean it was better than watching PORN at 4:30 in the AM…I wasn’t trying to be about that SIN LIFE this early in the day!