How You Living C…Life Update!

Oh…peep the new septum piercing!!!

Hey Yinz Guys! It’s been a minute since I’ve actually updated the blog. I wish I could say that I’ve been terriblly busy with blogging and doing music reviews for the Brain of BMW site…but sadlly I can’t. For the past few months now my R.A. has taken a turn for the WORST! I’ve been dealing with stiffness, a lot of discomfort and pain 😦 so because of that my ability to write/blog has been put on a small hiatus.

Hopefully by November I can have my R.A. completly under control and start working with the site again.

However because I don’t know how to just NOT do anything, I am helping my friend and upcoming rapper MyKoolB with his new website. I do the updates and I also update the websites twitter. I decided to do this, because unlike doing the music reviews there is no serious time commitment. So far I enjoy it…and I’m super excited for MyKoolB and super grateful that he has given me the chance to work with him! So if yo have a moment make sure you are following @MyKoolB and @MyKoolBdotCom. Also check out the site

Other then that, not to much has changed…I’m pretty damn boring! Cause of the R.A. and lack of a vehical I don’t get to go out as much as I would like. I also haven’t been able to work the amount of OT at work that I would like.

So that’s about it…well there’s like tons of other stuff but I’ll blog about that later 🙂

PS: I will be updating and adding new blogs in my blog link area…so check back soon!!!


How You Living C…Great News!!!

Hey Yinz Guys!!! It’s been a min since I’ve done a #HYLC update!

So much to blog about, I don’t even know where to start. This summer has turned out to be one of the best summers I have had in a LOOOOONG time. Since joining Brain of BMW I have gotten the opportunity to meet a lot of great people and listen to a lot of great music. If you know me…you know that I am a HUGE fan of  local rap group “The 58’s” so I got to see them live again at Timebomb “Return Of  The Boom Bap (Showcase Vol. 1)” this past Thursday along side Boaz and Varsity Squad who are also from the 412. And the weekend before that, I got to see APEX(my newest favorite group out of Pittsburg), The Sole Vibe and Varsity Squad tear it down at the “Fresh Out The Booth” event…in which I had a BALL!

Kid Cudi and Wiz Khalifa concerts are coming up in August…so I’m still trying to figure out how I can get tickets for each show.

But the really really REALLY big news is……I GOT THE JOB!!! \(^_^)/

I now have officially joined the ranks of the employed, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Yesterday was officially my first day, not much to talk about because it was mostly just paper work. This job is in the banking and financing field just like my last job, but a lot less of direct customer contact. I think I’m a like it, and another the plus is that the work atmosphere seems to be really nice. So now that hurdle is FINALLY crossed I am now on the hunt for a part-time…YES I want a part-time ASAP!

Let’s see what else is new…since I had to cancel my trip to MIA…I’m hoping to make a trip to a beach a lil closer to home like in New Jersey or Virginia. My love life is still nonexistent, but there is a guy that has caught my eye. But I realized that I was doing too much and that maybe I should just accept it for what it is…but that’s a whole other post. But he’s cute and I like his lips…as well as a few other body parts LOL! So I’m a just go with the flow and see what happens.

As of right now I couldn’t be any happier. Everything over at Brain of BMW is going smoothly, I am learning so much about who I am as a writer and I have gained so much experience from working with the site it’s crazy and I’m looking forward to continuing to do so. This summer has been great so far, and its kind of sad to think that it’s almost over, but if the next two seasons are as good as this one…I think I’m a be one happy girl.

So yeah, I need to hit the sack…TTYL!!!

How You Living C…I’m Back

Hey Yinz Guys! Yes I have been seriously slacking on my blogging…at least here on my personal blog. A lot of things have happened since my last #HYLC post back in early March. Some bad…like I still have yet to find a regular 9-5 *womp womp*, but a lot of GOOD! Back in March, I wrote briefly about how I was asked by a friend of mine if I would like to join his new and upcoming online magazine that he was just starting up. I was thrilled that he would ask me, he said that he enjoyed my blog here and would be happy if I joined his team.

That really meant a lot to me, to know that someone likes my stuff enough to want me to do the same for them was very flattering. The site is called Brain of BMW, it’s fairly new but it’s starting to get a lot of recognition not only here in Pittsburgh, but also outside of the city. So far I’m just responsible for the music reviews that have been submitted to the site. I have done 4 reviews, and each time I like to think that I get a little better at it! So when you get the chance you should check out the site HERE and also follow us at @BrainofBMW on twitter.

Let’s see, what other exciting things have/or will be happening….OH! I went to my 2nd Big K.R.I.T. concert last week on Monday which also included The 58’s who opened for him. The 58’s just dropped their newest mix tape last month and I can’t say enough dope shit about them. They are also one of the many talented rap artist that or coming out of my city, the City of Pittsburgh. I suggest you do your ears a great favor and download their newest mix tape HERE…you can thank me later! Also make sure you follow them on twitter as well!

Also I shall be in Philly soon to celebrate with my sister and the rest of my Temple University family graduation this month. I’m super excited and I shall take LOTS of pictures to share with yinz guys.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for sticking it out with me even though I was slacking with my posting. This summer there’s going to be so much to talk about…I will literally have to make time to blog. So yeah!

Thanks for checking in!

How You Living C…Great News Edition

Me and my favorite Purple hat!


Hey Yiz Guys,

Sorry that I haven’t updated the blog in like a week. Just been super busy with trying to get a new job…which so far hasn’t been going so great *WOMP WOMP* lol. But I did receive a lot of great news this week…and good news is always awesome. I was also asked to join a new and upcoming online magazine, but because it hasn’t become “official”…lol…I don’t want to put too much information out just yet. But I’m super grateful for the opportunity and the chance to use my writing skills, and hopefully soon I can let everyone in on the scoop. Just know that I’M SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT tho!

Sooooo let’s see what else is new with me….I’m hoping to make it to DC & Philly a.k.a. my 2nd home sometime this month. Can you believe it…it’s already MARCH! Crazy shit right? Spring is almost here and I can’t freaking wait. Also my sister just asked if I wanted to attend the 4th Annual Roots Picnic which is going to be held in Philly June 4th staring Nas, The Roots(of course) and Pittsburgh’s own Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller amongst other awesome artist…sooooooooo yeah I’m a be SUPER geeked if I get the chance to go(which reminds me to call her and see if she got the tickets)!

But yeah…sorry for the lack of post, but if you miss me you can always TWEET me…I swear I’m always on there. Hit me up, let me know you’re a reader aka a FRIEND. I love meeting new people!

How You Living C…

 So I had this WHOLE day planned out…that I was going to wake up at 9:30am to 1.)Wake up sis…cause she was afraid she would sleep thru her alarm and 2.) Get all this shit done, like put in some more applications, send out my resume and also call my old job to see why I haven’t received my W2’s yet.

Ask me…Did I do any of these things? NOPE…well except call my sis but that way it. Didn’t fill not one application nor send out any resumes. I’m seriously slacking on my PIMP’N right now! *long sigh*

But I did manage to take some cute pictures over on my Tumblr page…SMH…I know I already know b!