Summer 2018 Goals…

Hey Yinz Guys…can you believe we’re already in our 5th month of 2018? Crazy right? I feel like this year is flying by. And now that it’s May and the sun has FINALLY decided to join us, it’s just a matter of weeks before I’m out here being Summertime Fine yall. So with that being said, I thought I would share my Summer 2018 Goals here. This is going to be a very adventurous summer for me, I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling and I will also be taking a lot of chances this summer as well when it comes to heading into a different career path. But first I should share some good news…I now work for ULTA Beauty as a Beauty Advisor. I shared the exciting news on my Instagram last month, I’m so excited for this opportunity because I know I’m even one step closer to going to school for my Esthetician License. Yes, you heard that right, I plan on going to school to gain my esthetician certificate than to test for my license so I can start my career as an Esthetician and hopefully work in a spa and just go from there. Continue reading “Summer 2018 Goals…”


Feel Good Friday’s: You Are More Than Your Short Comings

***Good Morning Yinz Guys! This past Monday I introduced one of the many new series I want to bring to this hear blog called “Mental Health Monday” if you haven’t read it yet you can read it here. The second series I want to introduce is what I call “Feel Good Friday’s” where I will share post that are motivational. It may be something I’ve written up myself or a quote I found. Either way, I want to use Friday’s as a way to send good vibes to Yinz Guys so we can start the weekend on a good note. I hope you enjoy.***

You are more than your shortcomings and downfalls. You are more than the negative things people have to say about you and your mistakes. You are more than Your diagnoses and your illness. You are more than your past and who you use to be. You are more than that job you hate, and you are more than the lack of money you have. You are more than your degrees or lack of degrees. You are more than your relationship status and you are more than who you have dated. Continue reading “Feel Good Friday’s: You Are More Than Your Short Comings”

Mental Health Monday: Over-Explaining

Mental Health Monday: Over-Explaining

***This is my first post for a new blog series I will be calling Mental Health Monday where I share my journey to healthier mental health. I hope you not only enjoy these post but take something as well.***

I have a horrible habit of over-explaining and trying to force people to understand what I’m trying to say. Especially when it comes to the men I’ve dated. So what is I trying to make sure there is no miscommunication or misunderstanding on how I feel, comes off as me being crazy. I’m not sure why or when exactly i started being like this, but recently it was brought to my attention and well I was taken aback at the thought of someone thinking I’m crazy. Now…don’t get wrong I can be very passionate when it comes to my relationships, in the sense, I put my all into it. Which is probably why I find myself over explaining my thoughts and feelings, instead of maybe taking a step back and seeing if that’s what he wants to hear at that moment. I’m sure this stems from my fear of breakup/being dropped like I have been so many times. So I feel like, if he knows exactly how much I care about him or how much something affects me…he’ll then understand and this will all end well. I never take into consideration his feelings or his thoughts or his opinions and not because I think I’m right and he’s wrong…but because I get so scared i just start vomiting at the mouth with my emotions. Continue reading “Mental Health Monday: Over-Explaining”

No New Makeup November…

Hey Yinz Guys & Happy Friday! We made it through yet another week, and can you believe it’s already November? Like I swear January was just last week. So with this new month comes new routines and new goals, and also time to start saving and shopping for Christmas next month. My sister also celebrates her 30th birthday this month and I will be traveling to see her in Philly so I need to save all my coins and monies for all the upcoming spending I will be doing this month and next. Continue reading “No New Makeup November…”

November: A New Routine Is Coming…

Ayyyye Yinz Guys and Happy November 1st! Yes…I’m ignoring the fact that my last post was in July…so yeah lol! But a lot has been going on with me, and I mean A LOT. From my love life to my personal life to my work life. I now work from home full time, I got a promotion and a nice little raise, my mental health has come leaps and bounds and while my physical health has taken a turn for the worse(no I’m not dying thankfully) I’m still here thoting and bopping. And speaking of thoting my love life…it’ still nonexistent. But I will hit on all these topics in their own blog post later this month, I promise. Continue reading “November: A New Routine Is Coming…”

Just Keep Writing(Finding My Inspiration Again)…

Growing up I use to write nonstop…like every day. Any free time I had I was writing something. Either is was a short story, a chapter story, a poem, letters to God and sometimes letters to my Dad who lived in North Carolina for a few years. It really didn’t matter what I was writing, I just had to write. I specifically remember writing a story that took me days to write, being that I was in grade school at the time most of my writing had to be done after homework was done at an after school program me and my sister attended. I really can’t remember what it was about…but I do remember feeling super attached and determined to write and finish this story. 

As I’ve gotten older not only have I gotten away from constantly writing I’ve also lost that intensity or drive to write. Don’t get me wrong my love for writing is still there so is my desire to write…it’s just that as I grew older and went farther in school and especially after the death of my father I lost my inspiration to write I guess. With being forced to write long papers in high school and during the time I did first attend college I lost my drive to read for entertainment and to write. Not until my mid 20’s after surviving 2 different domestic situations I found myself wanting to just write again. But this time my writing were mostly dark and depressing and nothing I ever wanted anyone to see.

That’s also around the time I discovered blogs and blogging. Blogging wasn’t anything at the time and the idea of sharing your thoughts and daily activity on the internet wasn’t a completely new idea to me either…but blogging also wasn’t what it is today. At that time blogging was still genuine and real and most bloggers probably had no idea that 1) they could or would eventually get paid to blog and that 2) it would catch on the way it has. Hell if I knew I would have really stuck with my 1st real blog and stayed consistent with it. But I let life situation derail me and keep me from blogging(sounds familiar huh lol). 

But now that I’m older, wiser and really trying to take this blogging thing seriously while also furthering my education and career in the writing/social media/mass media market I’m really in search of my inspiration and gain that passion, love, and desire to write again. I keep hearing from fellow bloggers, friends, family and other loved ones that the key to getting back into the swing of things is to JUST WRITE. Anytime you get a few minutes to yourself…WRITE. When an idea for a blog post pops into your head, don’t trust yourself to remember to blog about it later…WRITE the idea down. And then when you get home set at least an hour aside each day just so that you can focus on WRITING. So yes…I’m short of a hardheaded and a procrastinator and I live off my emotions and allow my emotions and other people to throw me off track but this time I am super duper committed to doing all of these things in the month of April. 

I’ve already started, I actually started last week and that’s what resulted in my latest post for #FridayFavorites. And when I started thinking about the idea for this post I immediately grabbed my iPhone 6s+ and started writing in my Google Docs(I really love this app). And we’ll here I am, 15 mins later and I actually have a new blog post for Yinz guys today. BLOOP BLOOP BLOOP…but I also know I can’t become content with this post I have to keep the momentum going and keep writing. So here’s to trying to figure this whole new journey out and getting my mojo back Yinz guys. 

When you’re feeling uninspired or feeling like you can’t do something that you normally love to do, how do you get your mojo or inspiration back? Do you step away from it for awhile or do you keep doing it until it comes back to you? I would love to know in the comment section below. Also if you have any advice or tricks please let me know below as well…ALL ADVICE IS WELCOMED & NEEDED. But that’s all for today. And like always thank you so much for checking and reading the blog…it seriously means a lot to me. Here’s to a productive week ahead of us…and yet another short week for me lol.

Peace Yinz Guys!!!


#AnytimeSpa with evian®…

So let’s start off by me saying this is by far my FAVORITE review yet. Because this just so happens to be a product that I ABSOLUTELY love and have purchased on my own in the past. Today on behalf of BrandBacker I will be reviewing evian® Facial Spray. I was sent this product for free to tryout and review as well as help promote their newest campaign for #AnyTimeSpa.


Hey Yinz Guys, and Happy New Year, can you believe it we FINALLY made it to 2017. And if your 2016 was anything like mine, this is definitely a welcome change. I have so much planned for this year when it comes to my blogging and writing. But before I can get into that I have a few beauty reviews I have to get up on the blog. So 1st up is my evian® post.


Continue reading “#AnytimeSpa with evian®…”

May 7, 2013…

So today is finally coming to an end, and what an unexpected and fun day it was. On the whim I decided to join my sister while she went to a free journalism workshop here at our local library, I can count how many life changing experiences I have had on my one hand…and this would definitely be one of them. Today was such a defining moment for me as a writer, it was like the teacher switched on the light and in an instant any dark thoughts I ever had about me being a writer was gone. And to think I laughed at my sister for trying to sign up for all these free activities at all the libraries here in Pittsburgh, now I can’t wait to return next week and I hope it continues for the whole summer and not just the next two days that they have scheduled.

I was so touched and inspired by this workshop that I was almost brought to tears. The teacher shared so much insight into what it means to be a writer/journalist that it would take me pages upon pages to actually describe here on my blog. So I will share my favorites…

  • Get It On Paper…
  • Go with what’s in your heart…
  • Honor whatever it is that you write…

We also discuss healing in writing, but that’s just too deep for me to even get into at this moment. All I can say is that today May 7, 2012 I now know that I am supposed to be a writer, that I am to continue to tell my story and by doing so I am indeed doing what’s best for me. The even crazier part is that I was in the middle of writing a blog post discussing how I was truly ready to follow my dream…and along came this opportunity to attend a workshop that only a few minutes I had no idea my sister had signed up for. Not only did I share my writing for the first time out loud, but it was also in front of complete strangers. I don’t know, I’m just on such a natural high from this evening that I can’t wait to go back, today has been such a blessing…it was definitely something that I needed.

Spring Cleaning…

***I’m doing this post from my iPhone. I had to get this out, so if it seems rush or if there are any grammar mistakes or misspelled words…that’s why! Lol!***

Today while I’m sitting here at my juror summon…waiting for this long process to be over…I did a little thinking. 

I’ve been going thru it with a couple of different personal issues. All of which have been bringing me down spiritually. I’m starting to lose my happiness…and I’m stating to forget what it’s like not to be miserable.  

So today…while I sit in this court-house, I’ve decided that I’m going to get rid and let go of a lot of stuff before the summer starts. Somewhat of an emotional “Spring Cleaning”! 

First thing on the agenda: Stop all communications with my ex, it’s unhealthy. And well if he won’t commit to me now after dating off and on for the past 7 years…he never will! 

Second: Let go off all regret…ALL OF IT! 

Third: Stop checking his Twitter…lol(more than 1 person)

Forth: Stop trying to prove a point…shit will happen on it’s on! I have this habit that when I get hurt, dumped etc…I want to show them what they’re missing by shoving all of my glory in their face. And honestly…it’ll will happen without me forcing it.

Fifth: Stop crying at night. Night time is when I do my most crying, worrying and negative thinking. STOP IT!

Sixth and final thing: Stop apologizing for who I am. I’m loud, goofy, confident and I do my own thing. I don’t follow trends and I don’t follow the masses. I’m emotional and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m loving and I always want to make people happy. I’m sloppy and lazy. I’m stubborn and I can sometimes be mean. I’m trustworthy and dependable. I’m a shopaholic and I suck at saving money. I’m am ALL of this and more…and I’m NOT SORRY! 

*whew* So yeah, that’s it. Once again feels good to get all of this out. 

So, what’s your story? How will you be “Spring Cleaning”?

Faking It Until You Make It…

So what exactly does that mean? To me…it means living my DREAM now. But what exactly is my dream? I know I want to do something in which I’m allowed to be creative, ask questions and inform the masses. I know I would love to write for a magazine, maybe a lifestyle magazine…one involving my favorite music artist and other important figures that I enjoy. I also want to be able to make my own rules, and be able to express myself and let my views be known (in a respectable manner that is) all the while helping  people.

I want to bring something that has never been seen before….BUT doesn’t everyone? I’m a HUGE fan of blogging, I love to read blogs and I LOVE finding new ones. I remember the first time I actually started to really get into blogging. It all started on MYSPACE lol, I would occasionally post a blog about something that was bothering me and what not…but what I really enjoyed was reading other people’s entries. Probably the first MYSPACE blog that I would read on a regular basis was my girls Kioko blog lol. It was always funny and interesting to see her post about roommate issues and stuff like that. Continue reading “Faking It Until You Make It…”