YouTube Tuesday…Laughing Baby In Slow Motion Edition

This weekend I will get the joy of spending time with my 3-year-old baby cousin Alana, her dad my cousin Lamar and his wife Dayna. I’m super excited because I rarely get to see them because they live in Florida(lucky them). Also this weekend we will be celebrating all the month of May birthdays as well which is Alana, my mom and a few other family members birthday.

So I thought a way to celebrate my baby girls visit with a video I’ve seen a few times on twitter. I mean if this video doesn’t make you chuckle, even just a little bit…then you have no soul lol. Enjoy!


YouTube Tuesday…Hair Edition

So I know I have been doing A LOT of bloggig about my hair, and I said that I wasn’t going to bore anyone with hair talk for a while. But this past week I was in Philly visiting with my little sister and she was telling me that she was starting to feel unhappy with her hair. She was saying that she sometimes feels like she’s not as pretty or whatever as a lot of the girls she works with, because most of the girls she works with have long flowing hair weaves. Now if you know my sister, you know that this is just a phase…cause my sister is one of the most beautiful girls I know…and she knows it too. But just like most women, we go through a “I’m Ugly” moment.

Last Thursday my friend @missbrandii tweeted me a YouTube link and then today while I was blog suffering I came across a new blog called Black Girl In Russia, where she discusses going to school abroad and living in Russia while maintaining her natural hair. That’s where I came across a music video by Dead Prez called “The Beauty Within”. So I’m mainly doing this post to cheer up my sister, but it also was a little boost for me too. So I thought I would share it…and maybe it could be a boost for you as well!!!

The video is from

Dead Prez “The Beauty Within” from kinetikcinematix on Vimeo.

YouTube Tuesday…Late Edition

I’m a couple hours late with my YouTube Tuesday post, but this song…so me right now. I finally got around to purchasing his MOTM Vol 2. Which is fitting because I became a Kid Cudi fan super late from the start. But yeah, this is just ME…I’m feeling like a ghost right now…REAL TALK.

YouTube Tuesday…tabi Bonney Edition

I can honestly say that I will never get tired of this song or video. I love how the song is so uplifting, which now and days is far and few between. I love how sharp the video is, almost like you’re actually living the video…and I’m all about the bike riding.

Whenever I’m having a crappy day, are having a hard time writing I usually keep this song on repeat. And it doesn’t hurt that Tabi Bonney is an AWESOME guy. I actually won tickets back in August to see him while he was in Baltimore, but at the last min had to cancel due to an emergency. Then I missed him when he came to the Burgh, I was so sick about it, especially being that I had to work right up the street from the venue. Rumor has it that he may be back in March, if so COUNT ME IN!

So yeah, for your viewing pleasure…The ending is so CLUTCH!

ALSO…Some how, when that time comes I plan on incorporating this song into my wedding…if not the whole video…BET!